What Do Shippers Want From A Logistics Service?

When it comes to explaining what shippers want from their logistics providers many 3PL’s talk about supply chain solutions, intermodal transport services, and distribution facilities. While these are an important part of what makes logistics companies important and necessary, it’s not exactly what shippers are looking for when choosing a 3PL. They already assume a logistics service worth their salt can do all this stuff.

Shippers want logistics solutions from a 3PL provider who knows about their specific type of business. Every industry has unique needs and every business within that industry has its own set of challenges. For a logistics provider to have a positive impact on a shipper’s business they need to have a detailed understanding of those challenges.

No, it’s not necessary that the third party logistics company to have been involved directly in that business. But, having an idea of how the business works, and demonstrating that by showing how other comparable companies have benefited from their services is a good start.


Logistics Service Costs Matter to Shippers

As with anything having to do with transportation, moving, and logistics, the cost of the 3pl service matters. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the 3pl must take a cut in pay in order to do business with the shipper. As a shipper, you want great service at great freight rates. And a good logistics provider who understands the value of return business will do everything within their power to keep your costs down while providing exemplary service.

At Mobile Convoy Worldwide we understand your needs as a Shipper and are committed to building strong, long-lasting relationships built on honesty and transparency. If there’s a lower-priced freight shipping option we’ll always give you the choice. Of course, there may still be a price to pay. Over the course of many years of experience, we’ve found that everything has its price. Either time or quality of carrier may eat away at the value gained by a decreased freight rate.

Shippers Want A Logistics Service They Can Trust

Shippers want to be told the truth. And, while most of the logistics companies out there will tell you that they are honest, at Mobile Convoy Worldwide we prove it. When you call we will provide you with an honest assessment of our solutions to your shipping needs. We won’t sell you something you don’t need and make promises we can’t keep. From carrier relationships to freight invoice auditing, and 24-Hour customer support, our transparency is in place to ensure you keep coming back time and time again.

Advantages of Working With a Logistics Partner

At Mobile Convoy Worldwide, we have quality relationships with more than 18,000 carriers worldwide. Using us as your logistics partner does away with the expense of investing in warehouse space, ongoing technology, and training your staff the process of logistics support. Working with Mobile Convoy Worldwide saves you time, money and worry.

We Have Logistics Experts Standing By

Mobile Convoy Worldwide has logistics experts standing by to learn more about your business. If you already have a transportation management system in place let us show you how we can simplify your supply chain, decrease costs, and provide a smoother workflow. Working with a logistics partner who understands your type of business and its unique needs can provide huge benefits.

Our managed transportation services will be able to identify areas of improvement that are only visible to an experienced 3PL that’s not ensconced in your organization. There may be huge gaps in your supply chain’s freight network that are costing you money. Call Mobile Convoy Worldwide to learn how we can help.

Logistics Service Douglasville Georgia

With Mobile Convoy’s wide-reaching network, we’re better equipped to provide air forwarding services to anywhere in the world.

Logistics Service Douglasville Georgia

We have a huge network of quality trucking companies which allows us to handle all types of shipping needs at a moment’s notice.

Logistics Service Douglasville Georgia

Mobile Convoy Worldwide can manage every facet of your shipment. Keeping you within budget and ensuring your freight arrives intact.

Logistics Service Douglasville Georgia

We are your trusted resource for all your shipping needs. We guarantee you the best rates and the most reliable carriers in the industry.

Reduced Costs & Flexible Shipments

Overall using a logistics partner for your shipping needs provides reduced costs and the ability to get your freight and consumer goods to their destination faster and with less worry. Call Mobile Convoy Worldwide for all your third party logistics needs.

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