LTL Shipping Services

Mobile Convoy Worldwide offers both FTL and LTL shipping services. But what exactly do those terms mean?

The term “LTL Freight Shipping” means shipping freight that requires only a portion of the trailer it’s being shipped on. Literally, LTL stands for “less than a truckload.” Which means you can have whatever cargo you need shipped, transported to its destination without being required to pay for the full use of the entire trailer.  

Ltl shipping, as opposed to FTL shipping, which is “full truckload shipping,” allows for freight shipments across the state or across the country at rates that are much more economical than any other method of shipping.  Due to the fact that your freight is sharing trailer space with other shippers on the same trailer, the cost of shipping small quantities of freight is much less. There are huge benefits to shipping via less than truckload shipping services but let’s take a look at the other aspects of LTL freight services. 


The Benefits of LTL Shipping

Besides the obvious cost savings, one of the added benefits of LTL shipping is the increased security your shipment receives while in transit. Most LTL freight is packaged and wrapped onto pallets, which has the effect of separating your shipment from the other freight on the trailer. When properly wrapped and palletized, your freight has less chance of being compromised than freight that is loose and unwrapped. This helps to ensure your shipment will arrive intact which can have a positive effect on insurance rates, which spills over to shipping rates.

The Drawbacks of LTL Shipping

When you ship your freight LTL, you’re sharing trailer space with other shippers which means the carrier may make multiple stops at the various terminals along the way to your freight’s destination. At each of those stops, your freight may be unloaded and reloaded onto the same trailer or a different trailer. This is dependent on many factors, which Mobile Convoy Worldwide controls to ensure delivery times.  Be aware though, with frequent stops and handling this increases the chance of damages and the possibility of increased transit times. So, if speed is of the essence, you may want to look into our air cargo shipping.

Advantages of Truckload LTL Shipment Services

With Mobile Convoy Worldwide, our one, two, or three-day direct hub and spoke system speeds delivery anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico. This advantage enables you to have a competitive edge with just-in-time delivery solutions for your customers. Mobile Convoy Worldwide’s LTL freight shipping provides you easy, reliable, regional or nationwide service. We truly are moving the future forward.

What Constitutes Less Than Truckload?

A Less-Than-Truckload shipment usually weights between 200 lbs. to 15,000 lbs. and consists of only about 6 pallets of space whereas a Full-Truckload can be 30 or more pallets and weigh more than 40,000 lbs. Shipping LTL reduces costs but increases the chances of something going wrong, which is part of the reason LTL freight is regulated by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). The NMFTA uses standards based on a whole range of factors to determine “fair” LTL Freight costs. Each of the LTL carriers must abide by their specific guidelines, this ensures you receive fair pricing for your Less-Than-Truckload freight.

Incorporating LTL Into Your Supply Chain

Now that you know that LTL rates are determined by the NMFTA, which uses information such as your freight’s class, pick-up location, drop-off location, zip code, and more, let’s take a look at how you can use LTL freight shipping to streamline your operation.

In order to decrease costs, many consignees want freight delivered in as large a quantity as possible. But sometimes, due to high demand for specific raw goods or consumables, a smaller shipment is required. Rather than decreased costs with large quantities being the priority, a smaller shipment arriving quicker will be valued more. LTL freight allows you to take advantage of the thousands of carriers who offer guaranteed service.

How We Help With Your LTL Shipping Needs

Mobile Convoy Worldwide receives offers of discounts from carriers wanting to secure business for their trucks that are only partially loaded. Of course, what’s being sought are shipments typically weighing less than what full truckload carriers normally haul. We conduct a freight analysis in order to procure the best rates. This is done by your specific needs and works to produce an outcome where everyone involved wins. This saves our clients substantial sums of money on their LTL Costs.

Reduced Costs & Flexible Shipments

Overall LTL shipping provides reduced costs and the ability to get smaller loads of freight and consumer goods to designated consignees faster and with less overhead. Call Mobile Convoy Worldwide for all your LTL Freight shipping needs.

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