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From creation to destination, our freight brokering services deliver quality and convenience, on time, every time.

We Make Shipping Easy.

Freight Broker Services Made Simple

We understand your needs.  Whether you oversee tons of freight and equipment every year or just a couple truckloads per month your equipment and cargo may need to be transported to many destinations throughout the country or even the world. And you’re required to move your freight through various facilities whose processing times differ from location to location. This highly complex matrix of supply chains can lead to inefficiencies like extended wait times, fines, damages, and shortages. At Mobile Convoy Worldwide, our freight brokering services are the solution to these challenges.

How does Mobile Convoy make shipping easy?

When you have freight or equipment that needs to be picked up and delivered, you need shipping services. Finding shipping services yourself requires time-consuming calls to the dozen or so carriers with whom you have relationships. You’re gathering quotes and hoping you don’t pay too much, and, most importantly, you want to be assured that your shipment arrives intact and on time.

Mobile Convoy’s freight brokering services makes shipping easy by removing uncertainty from the equation.

Freight Broker Timeline

Gather Your Information


Shipper’s Initial Call:

When you call Mobile Convoy to initiate a shipment, we start by gathering all the information necessary to ensure your freight arrives intact. Is your shipment a full truckload or less than a truckload? Where is your freight located and where does it need to be shipped? We gather the contact information, any special handling or shipping instructions, and any standards that must be met with regards to compliance, as well as any specific consignee preferences.

Scheduling Your Shipment


Shipment Scheduling:

Once we have the information we need, we go to work scheduling precise pick-up and delivery times. Because we have a solid network of carriers and relationships with thousands of qualified trucking companies throughout the country this is usually completed within a few hours. Once we secure shipping arrangements we double check the carrier’s credentials, ensuring they have appropriate equipment, the required amount of cargo and liability insurance, and that their drivers carry a valid driver’s license.

Contacting The Driver


Order Pick-Up:

Once the trucking company has been thoroughly screened and your shipment has been scheduled, the next step is to personally contact the driver who was assigned to haul your freight. But before we provide the pick-up and delivery information, we ensure that the information provided was correct. We gather the driver’s name, number, and location, plus the type of trailer with all the pertinent information, to ensure your freight will be in capable hands.

Loading Your Shipment


Loading Your Shipment:

Mobile Convoy Worldwide remains in constant communication with the driver throughout the entire loading process. Loading isn’t complete until we can confirm that all your freight has been loaded onto the trailer and the driver has signed the Bill of Lading. The Bill of Lading (BOL) is a receipt of freight, a legally binding document transferring possession and liability for your freight to the driver. Once the Bill of Lading is signed, we double check everything.

Verify Shipment & Delivery Address


Verification Before Shipment:

Once your freight has been loaded onto the trailer, we verify by phone with the driver the exact number of skids and cases. Our job is to ensure his count matches what is on the Bill of Lading. At this time, we also ensure that the destination on the Bill of Lading matches our records. All this is done to avoid backtracking due to mistakenly loaded freight, and inaccurate information.

Constant Contact During Transport


Transporting Your Shipment:

Once the driver has confirmed that every piece of freight that is on the Bill of Lading is loaded on the trailer, we then stay in constant contact throughout the entire shipping process. We use GPS tracking to maintain the exact location of your freight and provide you with easy access to this information. We perform regular calls with the driver to remind them of appointment times and to check-in on their progress. If necessary, we will also provide other information, such as weather updates, or directions, to assure your freight arrives on time.

Delivering Your Shipment


Delivering Your Freight:

Once the carrier has arrived at the delivery location, we ensure that the driver immediately reports to the consignee to document their arrival. This is done to avoid being charged penalties for arriving outside the consignee’s time limits if any. After the trailer has been completely unloaded and the consignee has signed the Bill of Lading, taking full responsibility for your shipment, the driver will then document the time the unloading was completed.

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Why use us as your freight broker?

The most obvious answer is, we give you back your time. When you partner with Mobile Convoy Worldwide for all your freight shipping, equipment transport, machinery transport, and superload heavy hauling, you avoid bearing the brunt of supply chain breakdowns.

We have more than 38 years of experience as a third party logistics company, which provides us the ability to predict many of the challenges your shipment may experience. This gives us the power to navigate your freight through any unforeseen difficulties.

With Mobile Convoy Worldwide your shipment flows seamlessly through the system, from pick-up all the way to delivery without a hitch. We are moving the future forward.

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