Cross Country Movers

Whether moving your household belongings across the country or moving to the other side of the world, the whole moving experience can be somewhat trying.
Did you know that more than eight million United States Citizens move to a new state each year? And, while there are hundreds of cross country moving services available many of these folks are still renting a moving truck and doing all the work themselves. Rather than add more hassle to moving, we suggest that you utilize a full-service cross country hauling service to do the work.

If you are moving quite a long distance away from where you currently live there are several things you need to know about the entire moving process. To help you simplify your cross country move we suggest that you hire Mobile Convoy Worldwide as your logistics partner. We will coordinate every step of the move and ensure that your belongings are transported safely and on time to your new home. We are your cross country movers.


We Are Your Cross Country Movers

Whether you live in an apartment or a 6000 square foot home, Mobile Convoy Worldwide can coordinate your move with a professional moving company and see that all your moving needs are met. A long-distance move may be met with many challenges. Not only must you get all of your belongings packed and make arrangements for the utilities to be turned on at the new location, but you must also be concerned that your fragile items are not broken. Rather than worrying yourself with every little detail come moving day, a good idea would be to allow Mobile Convoy Worldwide to provide you with a moving quote.

Cross Country Movers for Relocation Purposes

The average costs associated with a big move is somewhere between $3000 and $10,000 dollars. Of course, these costs depend on how much stuff you have and the distance it must travel. But beware, there are hidden costs in every move. For example; moving supplies, hotel stays, utility deposits, gas and more. These costs can add up, that’s why it’s a good idea when relocating to shop around for the best, most qualified, moving company you can find.

One way of saving money is to sell or give away as much of your furniture and property that you can reasonably get rid off. Of course, you’ll need to start from scratch at your new location. But, depending on the amount of money you receive from the sale of your property, you may still save money.

How Much Does Cross Country Moving Cost?

At Mobile Convoy Worldwide we are very affordable cross country movers. The cost of moving depends on several factors which include the number and sizes of your belongings, the distance traveled, and the packing materials needed to do the job. Our fees for moving are all up front. You’ll know exactly what you will pay for your cross country move before we move anything.

Getting Ready for your Cross Country Move

Whether using professional cross country movers, a moving service, renting a truck for moving, or using a shipping container there are some important things to consider well before the move.

1. The first thing you’ll want to do is get rid of things you never use. Go through your clothes and consider giving away what you haven’t worn within the last 12 months. Chances are if you haven’t worn it one time within a full calendar year, you’re not ever going to wear it again.

2. Do you still have any unopened packing boxes from the last move? If so, open the boxes and decide whether or not you want this stuff cluttering up your life. If the items are unnecessary, consider giving them to Goodwill or some other worthy cause.

3. Once you’ve gotten rid of items you no longer need then you’ll want to start packing. You’ll need quite a few boxes and packing tape. We suggest that you do not purchase the large packing boxes as these will tend to be overfilled. Which will make them hard to carry.

4. More on packing. Although you do want to keep down your moving costs, it is wise to purchase the best packing tape you can find, and plenty of good bubble-wrap.

5. Once you are ahead of the game with packing, the cleaning process should begin. Performing an intensive cleaning on your entire home in one day can be difficult. But chunking the cleaning by doing one room per day until moving day will make the job of cleaning go much easier.

Cross Country Moving Made Simple

Moving with Mobile Convoy Worldwide saves you money and time by coordinating everything from the packing and pickup to the interstate travel and delivery. Your belongings will arrive on time and intact, guaranteed.

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